Just a quick update on what the Glams have been up to!

Nicole Starrett just starred in the film “The Mad Whale” which is playing at the Newport Beach Film Festival!

Erika Abdelatif’s XX Factor at the UCB Sunset is celebrating it’s third year!

Tara Erickson has a show at the Hollywood Fringe! It’s called “Alexa, Turn Off Heartbreak,” she co-wrote and is starring in this play! She was also a guest on the podcast “Friends Without Benefits” and more!

Lorraine DeGraffenreidt has been hired as a writers assistant at Super Mansion (Stoopid Buddy Studios), hosts the podcast Learnt Up, is featured on the web series House Meeting, is a voice on Soul Pancake’s Future Puppet News, is on the podcast That’s My Story Period, and oh so much more!

Brigid Kelley was on stage at The Blank Theatre playing Olivia de Havilland in “Women in Film: A fantasy of Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine,” she used her Irish Dance in a short film, and is a guest on the podcast “The 8 Dollar Game Show”

Jamie Janek starred in a film at the Azusa Pacific University and is the voice of Del Taco!

Jo Green executive produced Glamazon in a Hair Glove Commercial!

Kay Kannapu has a sketch night at the Pack Theater May 2nd! She also has a house team at The Ruby LA!

and Glamazon had a blast performing brand new sketches at The Ruby LA! See you soon!